Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting some traffic

Evidently, telling the Michael J Fox Foundation that you have a blog is good for traffic and I've barely written anything in the past few months due to my new job keeping me busy.  So, if you'd like to see some of my more interesting posts....

Those aren't my only interesting posts, but they say a great deal about me and what my family and I are dealing with.  Please look around and let me know what interests you and what you'd like to hear more about.

Juice Fasting with Parkinson's Disease

Ok, that was hard and weird.  I did not make it the full three days. I did two days, and ate a couple of Avocados and Bananas during the fast as well, so not sure how much of a "fast" it actually was.  I'm a big guy (about 210 lbs) so, I get hungry.  Also, as my wife noted, I'm a snacker, so it took a lot to just get through those two days.

Nevertheless, I'm happy I did it because of what I noticed.  During the fast, especially the second day and the third day during which I actually did eat a bit, I noticed my meds were working really well and I seemed to be staying on longer.  In fact, yesterday (day 3), I extended my meds (Sinemet) so long, that I actually took only 8 pills instead of 9 during the day, and the last two were taken at least two hours after I would normally take my last dosage of the day.

So, the question is, what was this doing to my system that I could extend my meds for much longer periods of time.  A couple things come to mind.

  1. Sinemet does not work well with protein, and the juice fast pretty much eliminates most proteins from your diet, at least proteins from animal sources.  The fact I was eating a lot less protein may have contributed to the effectiveness of my meds.  One caveat is that my wife is vegetarian, and we rarely eat meat in the house,. so unless it's dairy or soy, I don't get a lot of protein on a daily basis anyways.
  2. Ridding my body of toxic food helped me reset some of my synapses and effectively improved my reactions to my medications.  This one is a who knows?
  3. Similar to number 2, but coming from the opposite end, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables in the form of juice helps your body absorb and use the medications more effectively.  I mean the amount of fruits and vegetables I ate in those two days was huge, compared any other day, hell week, over the past couple of years.
While, I have no evidence other then basically how I felt and what my reactions were, it gives me somewhere /something to look into further.  I plan no trying to just skip a few meals a week next week during working hours and drink juices instead.  I want to see if that will have a similar effect on my med schedule and general overall well being.  Other than being hungry and missing the act of eating, I'd say it was pretty successful and I look forward to some more self-experimentation.

One note:  I am not a doctor, I am not recommending this to anyone.  If you do begin a fast, note that you probably should see your doctor before hand.  Nevertheless, if you do try it, please let me know how it went and what if any observations you make.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 1 of 3 day Juice Fast

I am finally going to do a juice fast for three days.  I'm doing three days because I figure it's long enough to show some results without going crazy.  I'll report on how I'm doing and what I'm feeling.  I will probably not be giving up caffeine these next few days, so I'll be drinking a few cups of coffee as well.

This morning's juice:

  • 1  Bunch of Kale
  • 1 Large Cucumber
  • 1 Head of Romaine Lettuce
  • 1 Green Apple
  • 1 Anjou Pear
  • 2 Red Apples
Hopefully, this will get me through a lot of the day, as I'm at work and don't have the ability to juice much more.  I'll go down to the cart and grab a Naked Juice or something similar if I run out and need some more nourishment by the end of the day.

Wish me luck.