Sunday, October 14, 2012

Personal Rant

You're only given as much as you can handle at any given time
My wife and I hear this saying a lot. Besides the typical family stuff, the big issues we get to deal with: 
  1. My diagnosis 6 yrs ago at 34 with Parkinson's 
  2. Our daughter was born with a whole host of issues (deaf, vision-impaired, balance-disorder and she had a tracheostomy and feeding tube for multiple years).
However, to me, it's starting to mean thank goodness it's you, not me. This weekend it has reached a point where I am just pissed off and am moving back from acceptance to anger.

On Friday, my daughter broke her neck at gymnastics when she fell. Yes, I did say break her neck.  Luckily, she is not paralyzed which often happens with these type of injuries.  She now sits in a hospital with tubes in her once again and a months long recovery having to wear a contraption called a halo and still requiring one more surgery to fuse two vertebrae in her neck. More than anything I'm upset because she does not deserve this.
My wife is still looking at this as it could have been much worse which is true, but I'm just pissed. Leaving my wife at the hospital the first night at 3 am, driving home, I was just screaming out in anger for most of the ride. Our friends and family are very supportive but when I hear someone say this, I just feel like telling them, I'm done, it's someone else's turn.

Consider this rant for what its worth, absolutely nothing.  However, I hope it gives you some insight to what is going on in our family.  I know I'll get past the anger; it's just hard when I see so many not appreciating what they have and calling those of us who do sometimes need a little assistance, "takers."  These people are calling folks like my daughter and I "taker" because for the rest of her life, she will most likely need help with things like her medical bills.  However, they will never hold a candle to my daughter who has gone through so much and from the start is the patient all her therapists look forward to working with and hold up as the example of getting past the diagnosis and achieving more than anyone thought possible.

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