Sunday, October 21, 2012

Open Letter to my Family

I was thinking of sending this letter to members of my family that have said they will not vote for Obama.  I know it probably will not convince any of them; however, I'd like to know what others think.

I know election time is coming up and it is not a big surprise that I am voting for Obama.  However, I am writing this letter to ask you to vote for him as well.  I know that some of you did not vote for him in 2008 and some of you who did are switching over to Romney because you don't like how he implemented his policies over the last four years.  I do have one argument to make and if that does not convince you fine; but, I'd like you to consider one thing when you do vote for Romney.

My daughter.

Now I know many of you have or continue to have health issues.  And the fact that you don't see how "Obamacare" is most likely the reason you will have healthcare in your old age is beyond me.  If Romney and Ryan are voted in with a majority in Congress and the Senate (definite possibilities) and you have any pre-existing condition and buy your insurance on the open market, you will not be able to buy an affordable plan.  If you reach an out-of-pocket maximum which will become legal again if Obamacare is repealed, an expensive monthly treatment will soon eat into that lifetime maximum along with any hospital stays you may have.  If you are out of work or lose your insurance for 90 days, you will automatically not be eligible for an individual policy that excludes pre-existing conditions.

Oh, and if you say, I'm already over 65 and receive medicare, they won't change mine.  Yeah, right.  Once everyone else sees that they have no chance to receive healthcare like the baby-boomer generation does, I'm pretty sure the rest of us will make sure that discrepancy goes away.  Also, I know the baby-boomers are considered the me generation, but "F.U., I've got mine", is no way to treat your children and grandchildren.

However, getting back to my daughter.  Do you really think there is a chance in hell that she will be able to get any form of health insurance after I stop working?  The only reason we are able to cover her is because I am on my large employer's group policy.  What do you think is one of the reasons I've worked there for over 19 years is?  Also, you say she receives some medi-cal to help offset many of her other medical expenses (copay and deductibles) we've faced over the past six years.  However, they have already stated that most states will receive 30% less in medicaid dollars if "Obamacare" is repealed.  Who do you think will be one of the first to be kicked off the medi-cal rolls, someone who uses medi-cal as supplemental insurance or someone who uses it for everything?

And if you think this is 20 years down the road, you are kidding yourself even more.  Yes, my Parkinson's is under control, but it is a deteriorating neurological disease.  While I hope for better treatments and possibly a cure in the next 20 years, I really have no clue how long I will be able to work.  My doctor gives me ranges of 10-20 years.  What happens to the rest of my (our) family after that?  Many of you know I have already begun discussing DBS with my neurologist.  Thank goodness I have insurance that will probably be willing to pay for this.  See my length of employment for reasons why.

As for another example, Romney's plan calls for making the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, into a national voucher program.  Part of this program helps fund all the therapists and aides that are required by the school to meet the needs of children with disabilities.  Please, relatives who worked in education their entire lives, explain how a voucher program will assist my daughter in receiving the OT, PT, Speech Therapy, DHH and other therapies and assistance that she receives from the school district.  She currently receives a larger percentage than most children and with a broken neck, may require even more for the next few months.  Do you really believe any voucher program would allow for different monetary values per child and do you believe she'd continue to get these services in school.  Since we'd get vouchers, the school districts wouldn't need to hire anyone because they could then tell us to use outside providers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  If you're still going to vote for Romney fine.  But I hope you can come up with a better answer than I just don't trust Obama,  Because if you trust Romney more, we are at an impossible impasse.

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