Monday, November 25, 2013

Conservative 'logic' on Obamacare

A relative has been going off on facebook for weeks/months about Obamacare.  I've stopped engaging because he is always changing the subject and is so over the top that I just got tired of it.  However, I'd really like to understand the logic, if there is any.  So, based upon his posts, this is what I understand is his thinking.

The fact that people under 27 have an option for lower price insurance under their parents plan is bad, but the fact that they don't buy insurance when they are young was okay because they shouldn't have to buy it and their irresponsibility is their problem, even though those of us who bought insurance were covering those who didn't in the past because they would usually skate on the bills when something did happen. You are also okay with the fact that if young people waited to buy insurance, they would not be able to after the fact because of the no-pre-existing conditions clauses or they often were buying cheap insurance policies that would drop them at the hint of filing a claim because of some technicality the insurance carrier found or they'd often reach their lifetime max just when they'd need their insurance the most.  
The biggest issue to worry about with respect to access to insurance is that a website doesn't work from the get go, even though folks have three months to sign up and statistics have shown that historically younger people wait until the last few weeks to sign up.  And the costs are way too high, even though the CBO, a non-partisan entity, has shown that the ACA will actually reduce deficits.  And the fact that most of the dropped policies are irrelevant to the 90% or greater that do not buy insurance on the individual market and 75% of those who buy on the individual market are eligible for subsidies does not matter because one anecdotal story or even 100 anecdotal stories are more important than the millions who have already seen the benefits of the ACA even if they are one of those anecdotes.

Am I missing anything?

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