Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jon Stewart nails Fox on the "War on Christmas"

As a Jew in the US, the idea of a War on Christmas just seems ridiculous to me.  The fact is, I had to tell my kids to lie to their friends and just keep their mouths shut when they mention Santa Claus.  I don't like having to tell my kids to lie for you, but it's the right thing to do for other reasons.

However, Jon Stewart nailed it this year in the annual mocking of Fox News' War on Christmas.  Two of my favorite parts of the show:

  1. On the proliferance of Christmas specials, there's even a Flinstone's Christmas special, Stewart pointed out, meaning "there’s a Christmas special celebrating Jesus’ birth thousands of years before the birth of Jesus."
  2. On Bill O'Reilly's argument that Christianity is not a religion, but a philosophy, Stewart replied, "While I can get an A in Jesus' philosophy class, I don't get to go to the after party

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