Monday, December 3, 2012

Pledge to get Active

And now for something, somewhat different....

I mentioned in my last post, my wife wants me to sign up for a swim race/event.  After the post and the positive response I got from a number of people, I decided that I thought the idea of doing a race is a great one.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this would also be a great way to challenge others.  So, I'm putting my legs and arms where my mouth is and challenging everyone in the Parkinson's community to sign up for a race.

I don't care if it's a 5K, a marathon, a bicycle ride, a long swim or something completely different like a dance marathon.  The only condition, is that it has to be a distance/length/time that you have either never done before and/or that you have to keep up your training level to be able to finish.  If you've never done a 5k, sign up for one.  If you feel you cannot run one, walk one.  It doesn't have to be a Parkinson's related race and you don't have to raise money for Parkinson's as part of your training.  This is something for you and your health, because everything I've seen is that the best thing you can do for yourself in order to slow the progression is get active.

I'm not even swimming a mile yet, so I have not yet decided on whether to swim the full 2.4 mile race or just the 1.2 mile race.  However, I am pledging that I will be swimming at the Oceanside Tiki swim in September of 2013.  Currently, the website does not have next year's registration and/or event information for next year.

Nevertheless, considering we are coming up on a New Year, this is the perfect opportunity to make a New Year's resolution to get active.  Do it and I'm sure you will feel better.  Active means getting up and moving.  Just pledge to do something more and something measurable (can you tell I'm an engineer).

Leave a comment if you plan to sign up for something or have already pledged to do an activity.  Remember, this is in your own best interest.  So be selfish and get active.

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