Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Changing my med schedule

I mentioned to my MDS (Movement Disorder Specialist, a subspecialty of Neurology that anyone with YOPD should actually try and see instead of just a straight Neuro) that I was seeing positive results from adjusting my diet.  She basically said it was interesting and moved on.  I guess there are so many factors that it's just one more for her to keep track of.

However, what was good about my visit, besides the free drugs (she's gotten me into drug studies that have effectively cut my Rx costs in half over the past 6 years), was her suggestion that I adjust my med schedule and begin taking some meds at night instead of the morning.   I started Monday night, and am definitely seeing a difference.  The medications I'm currently on are Azilect, Requip XL, and Sinemet.  The first two last upwards of 24 hours because they are time release (which in the case of Requip XL, has made it non-generic again and increased the cost to me by 17x, not that I'm complaining).  I now take 2 pills of Requip XL in the morning and 1 in the evening along with the Azilect in the evening.  I take the Sinemet throughout the day.

At night, I've noticed a\n obvious dramatic difference whereby my meds used to completely wear-off by about 8-9 pm and I'd be shaking or stumbling around the rest of the night.  Now, my meds stay active until close to bedtime, which is obviously a welcome relief to both my wife and I.  She likes it that I am now somewhat normal at the times she sees me as well as when I'm at work.  In the morning, I've also noticed that my meds seem to work quicker for some reason and I'm able to get to normal in about 30-45 minutes instead of 60-90 minutes.

BTW, I need to start writing more, just because in a way, it's cathartic.  However, I need to figure out what to write about first.

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