Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 1 Week 3, Couch to 5K

Second run in a row that I wasn't feeling it, at least until the last cool down when my arm swing came back after my meds started to kick in.  I did run the whole series that I was supposed to and could tell that I've increased my distance running since I am getting towards the house sooner and have a shorter cool down before I reach my house.  I am not focusing on time at all right now, but my goal is to run a 5k in less than 30 minutes.  I've never done an official race where I've done that and think it would be pretty good to get a PR like that six years after being diagnosed.

One thing I believe those without PD would probably find pretty odd is how I, and possibly others with PD, regard my symptoms as indicators of my current medication state (on/off periods).  It's difficult to describe the feeling I get when I realize my meds have just kicked in.  Whenever the realization occurs, I get a smile on my face and I feel almost euphoric.  A calm settles over me; yet, I feel so much stronger.  When it happened at work the other day, I found myself speeding down a hall and colleague commenting on how fast I was walking.  I replied that when I can walk quickly, I take advantage of it.

The idea of walking fast, somehow reminded me of the song Fast Cars by Tracy Chapman, which reminded me of one of my favorite bands of the early 90s Living Colour who did a cover of another Tracy Chapman song.  This lead to a google search which revealed this, from one of the great TV shows of the 90s.

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